“It was a cool fall day, but overall very lovely and suggestive of fresh starts.” -E.P.

Photo by Daniel Frank on Pexels.com

STOP! If you missed the first installment from the novel I’m working on, you can read it here before you continue!

“From the driveway, the old place didn’t look too shabby. As is the case with most things in life, however, the closer you look, the more unsavory details are revealed. The walkway was made up of slabs of slate that had come from a quarry less than twenty miles away. In its heyday, the quarry had employed lots of local folks and slate from that pit was shipped to exotic locales all over the world. That time had long since passed, however, and the quarry was presently little more than a place for teenagers to meet and drink cheap beer.

The quarry was hundreds of feet deep and had been filled with water after the manufacturing had dwindled. It was rumored that there were bodies, stolen cars, and all sorts of other unpleasant yet morbidly fascinating oddities that had been sunken in their depths over the years since the mines had been abandoned. The weeds poking up between the slabs were charming in their tenacity, but also a little troubling as they were just another reminder of how much work we had ahead of us to realize the home’s full potential.

I paused as I opened the front door, a little disappointed that Jack wasn’t there to share this moment and to carry me across the threshold of our first home. Although I knew that Jack loved me “in his own way,” as I had insisted time and again when defending our relationship to friends and family, he wasn’t one to play out romantic fantasies and I had grown painfully numb to precisely the type of disappointment I presently felt. Pushing back painful feelings, as I had also become accustomed to doing, I stepped inside.”

Hope you enjoyed this latest excerpt. Things are really about to get rolling! Stay tuned for next Sunday’s next installment. Thanks for reading, and feel free to share your feedback!

XO -Emily

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